The Ultimate Music & Arts Festival Guide

For those of us who love to attend music and art festivals, it’s the best time of the year. Hundreds of these annual events happen worldwide, and things tend to get a little crazy.

The environment is stimulating; however, I’m sure we all know just how fast the weekend getaway can spiral downhill if unprepared.

Being unprepared in one of the worst things that can happen to you, especially if you traveled quite the distance to get to the event. Having a guide and a list are always the best solution.

Sometimes even when we try to think of what to bring, we sometimes still end missing something we are going to end up needing. You can make your list but I’m also going to provide some necessities, so if you forget something, hopefully, this can be a bit of help as far as this might be well concerned ever for some of the people who are involved.

1. Sunglasses

Yes, sunglasses. Especially considering that most music and art festivals are during summertime.

You may think that your sunglasses are one of the last things you will forget either because they are always on your face or in your car but you would be surprised how many times it has happened.

2. Tent & Camping Gear

This is even more usefully for those festivals that are weekends or a week long. Most festivals will have a particular area for people to pitch a tent for the night, especially when you have been partying all day. This is a must.

3. Deodorant

Hey, it happens to the best of us. Sometimes we forget, or we are in a rush, and we didn’t apply that day, but it happens.

When it does happen, and you start to smell a little funky under your shirt, you are not going to have a good time knowing you smell. It is best to have it on you for emergency application.

4. Hand Sanitizer

I know I shouldn’t even have to explain this one, but I’m going to anyway only because some people have never been to a festival before and it might be their first time going.

When you need to go to the bathroom, usually it’s a porta potty where you’re going to be going, and they don’t have sinks. Need I say more?

5. First Aid Kit

You may think to yourself that you are not going to need it, but things do happen, and they happen when you least expect it.

If you don’t end up needing the first aid kit, then that’s awesome, but if you do need it and don’t have it, you will be pretty mad at yourself for not bringing it knowing that you read this list.

Of course, there could be a lot more to this list, but then again there could be a hundred things to this list, and over half of them you won’t need, but this is a guide for items you would NEED. Take into consideration that these items are useful necessities.

Lastly, I always like to look and feel my best. One thing I recently picked up is Yoga. I found an organized online course to be the best. So, here it is: Yoga Burn review – does it work? That is it! Thanks for reading. Good luck and having at the festivals!


Calisthenics Equipment Home Workouts Guide For Beginners

In the modern day world, the sedentary lifestyle that many people have opted for has resulted in numerous problems including the nightmare of obesity. It is for this reason that the need for exercise has become paramount. Although a majority of people hail bodyweight training and calisthenics for demanding little workout equipment, the truth is that some calisthenics equipment must be available for one to accomplish some specific types of exercise. All the same, the features of calisthenics remain prominent because the equipment is small, light, durable and cheap.

What exactly is calisthenics? This is a kind of fitness exercise that utilizes your body weight and very little equipment. These workouts regularly employ the body’s natural motions, like pushing, pulling and jumping, to achieve cardiovascular endurance and conditioning the body muscles. The main reason why calisthenics exercises have become so common is that they are the most efficient ways to improve all the body’s capabilities, including the muscle size, strength, balance, flexibility and overall health. For individuals who have never been into calisthenics exercises, it is important to know that the three primary objectives of these exercises are: to increase the muscle size, to make the body muscles as strong as possible and develop great body endurance.

For calisthenics exercises sessions to be fruitful, it is important that all components required are available, with the most vital one being the equipment. Although these exercises can be performed without equipment, it is equally important to have them on board.

The Pull Up Bar

The pull-up is an upper body calisthenics exercise that a majority of individuals view as an important aspect of their strength routine making it a crucial piece of equipment for body workouts. Although a majority of pull up rods are similar, it is advisable that individuals invest in the most advanced bar. Besides enabling you to perform various exercises such as pull-ups, hangs, and diamond pull-ups, this rod should help you with dips, push-ups, and sit-ups which make it a worthy investment for your home gym.

Gymnastics Rings

Gymnastics rings are just irresistible. They can be suspended from your home’s ceiling, a cross bar, tree or any other higher object, and will accord you great bodyweight workouts that are far beyond what is needed when utilizing bars to secure your weight. What makes gymnastics rings the king is that you can carry them when traveling since they are handy and light. Irrespective of whether you are a gymnast or not, using this equipment will go a long way in increasing your physical control and overall body strength.

Ab Wheel

This is the piece of equipment that can take your body strength to a whole new level. This calisthenics equipment is simply added resistance to a crunch where the bodyweight works against the core. Numerous exercises can be performed with this equipment, and they help develop the lower body’s strength.

The Power Tower

For a majority, a power tower is a perfect and versatile workout gear for engaging in home training and exercises. Although there are different versions of this equipment, the typical one comes with a dip and pull section with others having extras such as a push-up station. With this equipment, you can perform pull-ups and chin-ups for the biceps, shoulders, and back. Besides, you can also do dips for triceps and the chest. You don’t have to worry about living in a small apartment because a power tower itself is enough to perform a complete home training.

In most cases, calisthenics exercises and diet go hand in hand towards developing your body. If you are focused on improving your health and getting the most out of your home workouts, you must adhere to a healthy, wholesome diet. On the other hand, if you are only serious about big, strong muscles, you need a protein-rich diet. For a structured program, here’s an awesome street workout training site I recently discovered. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Before you can embark on calisthenics exercises, it is important that you warm-up your body. Overlooking the warm-up process is a grave mistake many beginners make. Typically, the muscles shall not be prepared for the sudden strain you are putting on them, hence it is crucial to perform a simple warm-up before your regular workout to avoid injury. Basic stretches like touching your toes, wrist rotations, arm circles and a few minutes jog will get the blood flowing ready for the primary activity.


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